13 December 2021

You’re Worth It: Why You Do Deserve to Slow Down

We are faced with more noise, distraction, busyness, and stress than ever before and with that comes a more pressing need to prioritize slowing down as part of our self-care […]
30 June 2021

Creating Your Own At-Home Yoga Space

In-studio yoga classes are the best, right? Absolutely nothing beats the magical experience of attending a yoga class at your favourite studio led by your favourite teacher.  Whether you love […]
2 June 2021

Come Home To Yourself

“You wouldn’t allow people to tread mud through your house, so why let them do it through your mind?” – Anonymous   What comes to mind when we think of […]
31 March 2021

Building a Morning Routine

A Guideline on Creating a Manageable and Realistic Morning Routine Robyn MacGregor | 31 March 2021   We have all been there. “I’ll start Monday!” you exclaim. You have just […]