10 May 2022

Real Self-Care Practices to Reconnect With Yourself

Self-care is not selfish and despite what marketing and advertising giants would have you believe, self-care is not something you can buy but something that lives within you.   Although […]
17 March 2022

Yoga Wellness in the Workplace

How bringing yoga into the workplace improves employee happiness, well-being and company retention.   The Great Resignation of 2021, also known as “The Big Quit”, saw millions of employees worldwide […]
13 December 2021

You’re Worth It: Why You Do Deserve to Slow Down

We are faced with more noise, distraction, busyness, and stress than ever before and with that comes a more pressing need to prioritize slowing down as part of our self-care […]
29 September 2021

7 Reasons Private Yoga Might Be Right For You

Have you noticed that there are endless ways of practicing yoga? These days we can participate in live Zoom and Instagram classes, follow a YouTube recording as well as join […]
7 October 2020

5 Benefits Of Yoga for Mind, Body & Soul

From building a healthier body to finding your internal balance, the benefits of yoga can be felt both on and off the mat. Regular yoga practice helps you nurture your […]
7 October 2020

Getting Started With Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga offers a fantastic way to relax your mind and body and connect to your growing baby. Yoga can be done during each trimester, as long as you know […]