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Class descriptions

We offer a range of weekly group yoga classes, as well as one-on-one and small group private lessons, courses and workshops. We also love working with businesses and corporates to teach yoga in the workplace.

Our Yoga for Absolute Beginners class is perfect for those who have either never tried yoga before or have little experience practicing yoga. The class environment is relaxed and fun, providing you a nurturing space to build a strong and safe foundation from which to explore your practice and take it to the next level.

A deliciously deep and intense practice, we hold floor-based postures for longer periods, allowing the deep connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia) around our joints to stretch and, consequently, strengthen. An introspective practice that offers a chance to turn inward and nurture the calm, quiet centre that is innate in all of us, this class will leave you with a deep, pervading sense of connection and peace.

Yoga is for everyone and you’re never too young to begin! We offer yoga classes for kids and teens to suit all age groups, from 2 – 17 years. Through yoga, kids and teenagers build their mental and physical strength and confidence, and learn emotional tools and helpful lessons for life in a welcoming, fun and creative environment.

Please note: These classes run during term time only. To book, please contact us.

Toddlers (2-4yrs)

Our toddler yoga classes are full of imagination, fun and discovery. This age group is taught in story form along with yoga poses using either a story book, movie or made up adventure, with yoga shapes, games, sounds and movement to help with the toddler’s development. This includes improving spatial awareness, coordination, creative expression and motor skills. It’s also a nice calming space, helping toddlers to deal with any hyperactivity.

Kids (5-8yrs)

Our kids classes continue to include lots of imagination, fun and discovery. The stories and adventures we explore contain more detail as this age group learns by demonstration and imitation, exploring what their bodies can and can’t do. These sessions are a wonderful way to increase children’s coordination, self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem while they stretch and strengthen their bodies. Using yoga, children can learn to relax, concentrate and be gentle in a fun and creative environment.

Pre-teens (9-12yrs)

Our pre-teen yoga classes start to resemble adult classes but we still keep the fun elements from the younger classes. At this age children may start to use yoga as a therapy or tool to deal with emotions and day-to-day stresses from school and life in general, and are introduced to the idea of journaling. The physical postures we explore build strength, flexibility and confidence.

Teens (13-17yrs)

Our yoga for teens classes resemble adult classes, the main difference being that the practice is modified to suit the common experiences of this age group and is a great way for teenagers to practise with friends and other students around their own age. Our teens are taught short yoga flows which they can practice at home. Journaling is encouraged, as well as having ‘check-in’ moments and a breathing practice, to help manage day-to-day stresses and anxiety. The physical practice will help build strength and flexibility and encourage a healthy, kind relationship with the body.

All mothers should be mothered! Receive lots of individual care, nurturing and nourishment in our Yoga for Pregnancy classes, suitable for all trimesters, where our expecting mothers can relax, stretch and strengthen. A wonderful way to connect to baby, physically and emotionally, and to meet other mums-to-be and share your experiences. Also suitable for mothers who have recently given birth (post-partum) and who are looking to return to gentle exercise.

Actively slow down and open your body through passive restorative stretching supported by props. This style of yoga has untold benefits for the body and mind – it balances the nervous system by deeply relaxing the body and quietening the mind, improving the body’s capacity to destress and self-heal.

Our Yoga for Runners class is specially designed to complement your running (or any form of athletic) training. We focus on stabilising ankles and knees and improving balance; building and maintaining core strength; increasing physical and mental stamina; stretching and strengthening legs and glutes; and fostering mindfulness and awareness of the breath and body. You will be taught how to stretch and breathe appropriately and correctly, enhancing recovery time and reducing the capacity to injure yourself.

Yoga is all about balance (literally and figuratively!) and flexibility needs to be complemented with strength. Our Yoga for Strength class is active and dynamic and will help you strengthen your mind as well as all the major muscle groups in your body (core, arms, legs, back). It’s a full-body and mind workout, and will encourage you to explore your fierce, powerful, vigorous side - building endurance and stability through the breath, challenging and focusing the body and mind through balances, and applying attention to detail for correct technique and alignment.

End your day with a dynamic practice to shift stagnant energy and prepare you for a great sleep! This class pays extra special attention to correct technique, alignment and action, to encourage a safe and grounded yoga practice. From this space, we will cover all varieties of poses, including forward bends, backbends, standing poses, arm balances and inversions in a manner that aims to balance strength and softness, action and letting go.

Begin your day in a positive way with our energising morning classes - bringing connection, mental clarity, a level mood, stamina and endurance for the day ahead. Your teacher may incorporate different styles of yoga and vary the pace and intensity of the class, as they lead you through the journey of a moving meditation.

Class schedule

All classes are currently offered both in studio (limited to 9 spots) and online. Classes last 60 minutes (unless specifically noted otherwise). Classes and teachers are subject to change. Where possible, we will provide notice beforehand. We also require two people to hold a class and reserve the right to cancel at the teacher’s discretion if only one person arrives.

If you would like to book your first class at the studio, please see Get Started below.

Class Schedule

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class Pricing

Browse our various group class pass options below. All passes valid for both in studio and online classes, except for our Online Only pass.

For private yoga classes (one-on-one and small groups) and Yoga in the Workplace / Corporate Yoga please contact us.

Class PassValid forRegularSeniors* / Students*Works out to be
Drop in1 classR 150R 130R 150 / R 130 per class
5 Class Pass2 monthsR 650R 550R 130 / R110 per class
10 Class Pass3 monthsR 1100R 1000R 110 / R 100 per class
Monthly Unlimited Pass1 calendar monthR 995R 800R 33 / R 27 per day
Online Only Pass1 calendar monthR 600R 600R 20 per day
SpecialsRegularSeniors* / Students*Works out to be
New joiners - receive 20% off their first Monthly Unlimited Pass (as their first pass)R 795R 640R 26 / R 21 per day
For hireRegularSeniors* / Students*Works out to be
MatsR 20R 20R 20 per day

Terms and Conditions apply.

* Valid RSA ID Student Card must be presented when purchasing pass.

* Seniors refer to those aged 65 years and above.


Class PassDrop in
Valid for1 class
RegularR 150
Seniors* / Students*R 130
Works out to beR 150 / R 130 per class
Class Pass5 Class Pass
Valid for2 months
RegularR 650
Seniors* / Students*R 550
Works out to beR 130 / R110 per class
Class Pass10 Class Pass
Valid for3 months
RegularR 1100
Seniors* / Students*R 1000
Works out to beR 110 / R 100 per class
Class PassMonthly Unlimited Pass
Valid forValid for 1 month
RegularR 995
Seniors* / Students*R 800
Works out to beR 33 / R 27 per day


SpecialsNew joiners - receive 20% off their first Monthly Unlimited Pass (as their first pass)
RegularR 795
Seniors* / Students*R 640
Works out to beR 26 / R 21 per day


For hireMats
RegularR 20
Seniors / Students*R 20
Works out to beR 20 per class

* Terms and Conditions apply.

* Valid RSA ID Student Card must be presented when purchasing pass.

* Seniors refer to those aged 65 years and above.

Get started

Read on for more information on how to get a feel for the studio, become a member of House of Yoga and begin booking classes via Octiv (the booking app we use).

Step 1: Complimentary class

We invite you to book a complimentary class with us to experience a free group yoga session of your choice and to get a feel for our studio. You will be able to chat with one of our teachers who will answer your questions about our class options, membership packages, and joining.

WE REGRET: Complimentary classes are only available to Cape Town residents and exclude Yoga for Pregnancy. Please select the "Drop In" option when booking your first class if you are not eligible for a complimentary class.

    Step 2: Become a member

    If you would like to become a member of the studio following your complimentary class, or if you would like to purchase a longer term package for the first time, you can do so online here. You will be prompted to download Octiv, the booking app we use to book classes.

    You can access a tutorial of the app here.

    Purchase a Package

    Step 3: Purchase/renew class packages

    Please note: You will only be able to book classes online once you have purchased a class package and that package has been uploaded into Octiv, our booking app, under your membership details.

    To purchase a class package for the first time, you can do so here.

    To renew a class package or purchase a different package, please email us with your package preference and we will send you an invoice with payment details. Once proof of payment is received, we will update your Octiv account with your new package.

    Our bank details for EFT are:

    Account name: House of Yoga
    Bank name: FNB
    Account type: Business Cheque Account
    Account number: 62776670385
    Branch code: 250655
    Reference: [Your surname] & [Package type]

    Please email proof of payment to