Breath, Body & The Brain: A 6-Part Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine Series

Explore your Breath, Body & Brain through the lenses of Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine in this fascinating 6-part series held over 3 weekends in April:

Day 1: Sat 6 April 4pm – 6pm Breath & Your Brain
Day 2: Sun 7 April 4pm – 6pm Wood Element – Liver & Gallbladder Meridians
Day 3: Sat 13 April 4pm – 6pm Fire Element – Heart & Small Intestine Meridians
Day 4: Sun 14 April 4pm – 6pm Earth Element – Stomach & Spleen Meridians
Day 5: Sat 27 April 4pm – 6pm Metal Element – Lung & Large Intestine Meridians
Day 6: Sun 28 April 4pm – 6pm Water Element – Kidney & Bladder Meridians

Cost: R250 per workshop | R1,250 for the full series
Spaces are limited to 10, so be sure to book your spot!
Bookings: | 082 222 5678

Join Mandy of The Yoga Creative, in community with the Eleventh House Collective and House of Yoga, as we dive into the foundations of Yoga Therapy, Taoist Philosophy and Mind-Body Medicine.

These workshops and practices will take you through the five elements of nature in Chinese Medicine. Beginning with a specific focus on breath as a mediator of the brain and physiology we progress week by week into how the organs of the body are linked to the state of the mind and subsequently mind-body well-being.

Through different acupressure points, yin poses and myo-fascial release, we learn a series of tools that can be used beyond a physical practice on the mat.

Each workshop will include a full Yin Yoga practice accompanied by breathing technique, key acupressure points, feedback and questions on the meridian and organs covered in the session.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory, each element relates to meridians found in our body, that home:

🫁 an internal organ (lungs, heart, etc.)
💓 an emotion (anger, grief, etc.)
👪 a stage of growth & development (childhood, young adulthood, etc.)
🌱 a season (summer, autumn, etc.)
👁️ & a sensory experience (small, touch, etc.)

Through understanding each of these elements – how they connect to and influence one another, and how they are connected to us and impact us – we can begin to learn the language of our bodies, the messages it sends us and in turn learn how to listen to it and respond.

It’s not compulsory to attend every workshop (and you can book and pay for them individually). But we do recommend joining for the full series if you’re able to, and you benefit from a discount for booking for all 6.

We look forward to meeting you on the mat!


Apr 06 2024


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


House of Yoga
43 Heather Street, Claremont, Cape Town 7708

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