The Joy of Surrender

The Joy of Surrender

A spring retreat for inner harmony through nature, self care, meditation and yoga

Join us for a weekend dedicated to making inner harmony and peace your state of being. On this weekend we’ll focus on bringing deep levels of acceptance and trust, both to yourself and to your life experience. 

This is a small, intimate three night & three day getaway, designed to cultivate community without crowds and to allow for focused practice and individual attention. 

“I am so grateful that surrender has taught me to participate in life’s dance with a quiet mind and an open heart.” – Michael Singer 


Spring is a season of new beginnings, and all new beginnings grow from letting go of the old. 

The Joy of Surrender retreat will help you to integrate practises to let go of mental angst allowing you to move into deeper levels of trust and peace. We’ll create space in the inner world, to allow the wisdom of stillness and to discover the joyful and liberating practice of surrender.  

Imagine meeting every experience in life with a sense of trust, non-judgement and meaning, holding within you the wisdom that, “This too shall pass.” 

Knowing that everything in life is both meaningful and temporary allows you to amplify your joy in those precious moments, and to hold steady through life’s challenges. 

While it may seem that inner peace is subject to what is going on in the world around you, in truth you have access to a deeper sense of peace. This peace lies beneath the ebbs and flows of mental and emotional noise. 

It is only truly accessible when we are able to move away from judgement of the mind and heart, and practice acceptance of all that life brings. This practice aligns you with the present moment and brings you into harmony with life. 

Surrender is sometimes confused with non-action, but this is somewhat of a mis-understanding. Surrender is a practice of the inner world. When you can transform inner chaos to inner calm, you are able to take action that is aligned and conscious. 

So much of our resistance and struggle comes from wanting to change the past, control the future or reach for more. Inner peace comes from knowing that each moment just as it is, and you just as you are, are perfect. 

Nurturing this requires awareness and space in order to be brought forward as our most natural way of being. This state of being is peaceful, loving and joyful. This is what we’d love to offer you on this retreat. 

What’s included:

~ 3 x night’s accommodation in a luxury beach villa in spectacular Shelley Point, on the water’s edge and immersed in nature.

~ A specially-designed schedule of mindful practises (accessible to all levels of practitioner) – including daily yoga, breathwork, yoga nidra, meditation and interactive discussion

~ A tailored self-enquiry coaching workshop aimed at uncovering beliefs, bringing awareness to blocks and mapping out an aligned way forward through awareness and presence 

~ A nourishing, delicious daily vegetarian menu of brunch, healthy snacks and dinner (meals can be tailored to suit an individual’s dietary requirements) 

~ A healing sound journey – to stimulate the energy meridians, blood vessels, lymph and nerves on a cellular level

You will also have free time to do whatever your heart desires: relaxing, exploring, taking long walks on the beach, swimming in the ocean or curling up with a good book. The sun rises and sets over the ocean, providing the perfect opportunity to connect with presence through nature’s most loved daily cycle. 

Cost and what’s included:

Share with a partner / friend / stranger in a spacious double or triple room – R5,900 per person EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Book & pay by 31 April – R5,000 per person 

Enjoy a double/twin room by yourself: R7,500 per person EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Book & pay by 31 April – R6,900 per person 

Please note: Cost does not include transport to and from the venue.

To book:

Contact Vicky at

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou


About your hosts:

Leigh is a 500hr qualified yoga teacher and the proud founder of House of Yoga in Cape Town – an urban sanctuary where people from all walks of life come to reconnect with themselves. Leigh finds joy in sharing how conscious movement, breath work and other mindful practises can re-establish a connection to the physical body and self, and encourage greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and, ultimately, liberation. She firmly believes that the more you can step into your true sense of self, the more ease, calm and peace you can find in everyday life. Drawing on her own yoga practice spanning 17 years and a background in dance, and by focusing on a subtle balance between technique, alignment and letting go, she aspires to help her students feel more embodied, grounded and energised. 

Vicky is the founder of The Inner Alchemist – a community for people to restore their self esteem and find flow within their daily lives. She is a certified life coach focused on helping people to rediscover slowing down and self care, to make more aligned choices for their lives. Vicky will guide you gently to boost and protect your mental health, to move away from burn out culture and to restore balance into your life. After a decade in the demanding world of advertising, Vicky understands the effects that stress and striving can have on mental health. Her philosophies are founded on the principle that all solutions lie within, and through redirecting your awareness back to yourself, you are able to restore well-being into your body, heart and mind.

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Oct 28 - 31 2022


Shelley Point
Shelley Point, West Coast, Western Cape


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