Nurturing Inner Peace - A Spring Retreat

Nurturing Inner Peace – A Spring Retreat

Connect to calm through nature, meditation and yoga

Join Leigh Bosch, owner of House of Yoga, and Vicky Young, founder of The Inner Alchemist, on a spring retreat that will help you to discover the calm, compassionate, deep awareness that exists within you. 

This is a small, intimate weekend limited to a maximum of 12 people, designed to cultivate community without crowds and to allow for focused practice and individual attention.


This nurturing spring weekend retreat is for anyone looking to reconnect to that deep reservoir of peacefulness and serenity that exists within each of us.

Bring to mind an ocean whose surface is often choppy or filled with the turmoil of crashing waves crashing dependent on the tides and the weather. But no matter what is happening on the surface, a few metres below exists a whole vast world of tranquility – creatures and other sea life existing in equanimity and going about life at their own pace, unphased by what is happening above.

Most of us live as if we’re stuck on a little lifeboat, struggling to hold on and survive amidst the chaos and unpredictability of the surface’s waves. But in truth, we always have access to the deep ocean of calm and peace inside of us. We just need to know how to tap into it.

Anxiety, stress and constant business have become accepted as our norm, but really our natural state is that of inner peace. This inner peace is always there, but it’s quiet gentleness is often drowned out by the noisiness of our lives. Nurturing this requires awareness and space in order to be brought forward as our most natural way of being. 

This retreat will help you to explore and integrate simple but transformative tools into your life to bring more ease, calm and peace – no matter what is going on in your daily life or the world at large.


Spring, the season of rebirth and renewal, is the perfect season to reset and leave behind old patterns, to make space for new possibilities and growth. 

Over the weekend we will explore why you might find yourself where you currently are, how you can reset and reframe your perceptions around the stresses, pressures and unpredictable nature of life, and how to live more consciously with simplicity, ease and peace. 

This exploration will be guided by a specially-designed yoga practice (accessible to all levels of practitioner – beginners to advanced), yoga nidra, interactive workshop discussions, meditation, mindful time in nature, and a nourishing food menu that will complement the journey. 

You will also have some free time to spend doing whatever your heart desires: relaxing, exploring the beautiful nature surrounding our venue, tucking up next to the fireplace with a good book, and taking walks through the farm’s olive and buchu groves, fynbos and proteas.


Your journey will take place on a secluded olive and buchu farm situated on the beautiful, peaceful slopes of the Hawequa Mountains, near Wellington, only an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

The farmhouse itself is nestled next to a mountain stream so that you wake up and fall asleep to the soothing sound of babbling water. Each room is uniquely decorated and fitted with luxurious linen and special touches to make you feel at home and yet still on holiday!

Cost and what’s included

Share with a partner / friend / stranger in a spacious double, triple or four person room – R3,900 per person

Enjoy a double/twin room by yourself: R6,000 per person

Price includes 2 x night’s accommodation, all guided tuition, workshops, nutritious and delicious meals and refreshments. 

Meals can be tailored to suit an individual’s dietary requirements (provided we are notified beforehand).

Does not include transport to and from the venue.

To book

Contact Vicky at

About your hosts

Leigh is a 500hr qualified yoga teacher and the proud founder and owner of the yoga studio House of Yoga in Cape Town – an urban sanctuary where people from all walks of life come to reconnect with themselves. Leigh is passionate about showing how yoga can re-establish a connection to the physical body, and encourages greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and, ultimately, liberation. She firmly believes that the more you can step into your true sense of self, the more ease, calm and peace you can find in everyday life. She spent 12 years working in the corporate world and has experienced first-hand the effects of fatigue and burnout. Drawing on her own yoga practice spanning 17 years, and by focusing on technique, alignment and letting go, she aspires to help her students feel more embodied, grounded and energised. 

Vicky is the founder of The Inner Alchemist – a community for people to restore their self esteem and find flow within their daily lives. She is a certified life coach and women’s circle facilitator, and through her work shares the process of rediscovering the sacred self to come into alignment with one’s highest purpose. Vicky will guide you gently to boost and protect your mental health, and tune into your cyclical nature to bring balance and restorative self care into realizing your intentions. After a decade in the demanding world of advertising, Vicky understands the damaging effects that stress and striving can have on mental health. Her philosophies are founded on the principle that all solutions lie within, and through redirecting your awareness back to yourself, you are able to restore well-being into your body, heart and mind. 


Sep 17 - 19 2021


1:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Wellington, Western Cape

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