About House of Yoga

Come home to yourself at House of Yoga - a boutique yoga studio in Claremont, Cape Town. Your life is your own hero’s journey - an adventure through which you come to know yourself better on all levels - physically, mentally, vitally, emotionally and spiritually. And yoga is a tool to guide and support you along your way.

Everyone is welcome at our House, from absolute beginner yogis to seasoned practitioners, no matter your age or physical ability. Our yoga classes are led by experienced, caring teachers who will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, allowing you to nourish your body and mind and connect more deeply with life.

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Classes we offer

Benefits of Yoga

Practicing yoga regularly can improve both your physical and mental well-being. Evidence-based benefits of yoga include:

  • Increases energy and vitality

  • Increases strength

  • Increases flexibility & balance

  • Improves heart health

  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Decreases stress

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Promotes sleep quality

  • Improves quality of life


  • Lana
    "I had an absolute amazing massage this morning at The House of Yoga. Thank you so much Karen. Will definitely go again and I highly recommend it."
  • Monique
    "I have enjoyed some calming, de-stressing and nurturing treatments from Karen at House of Yoga. I'll definitely be back again!"
  • Nina
    "I had such a fabulous first yoga class with Leigh last night! I left feeling relaxed and revitalized. A perfect balance of physical challenge and relaxation. Highly recommend this lovely studio if you want to add some “me time” to your life and de-stress!"
  • Katie
    "House of yoga really does feel like an oasis in the middle of the city. The garden with the trickling fountain outside, the painted flowers on the wall of the studio.. it all adds up to make a beautiful space to practise yoga where I feel safe and at home. Having practised at House of Yoga for almost a year now, it has had a noticeable difference on my peace of mind. The teachers combine physical practice with yoga philosophy in such a warm and generous way, and I have learnt so much from them."
  • Elizabeth
    "What a peaceful and wonderful spot for an incredible massage! A menu of various relaxing oils to choose from and a wonderfully sunny, private porch for some herbal blended tea after! Karen has the hands of an angel and is so attentitive in releasing tension. I highly recommend House of Yoga massages and cannot wait to try out a yoga class next."
  • Néna
    "Such a special studio space for yoga as well as the loveliest massages by Karen."
  • Liz
    "What a peaceful and wonderful spot for an incredible massage! A menu of various relaxing oils to choose from and a wonderfully sunny, private porch for some herbal blended tea after! Karen has the hands of an angel and is so attentitive in releasing tension. I highly recommend House of Yoga massages and cannot wait to try out a yoga class next."
  • Keith
    "I just wanted to say that I’m really loving my classes at House of Yoga. I’m still new to my practice but it’s been amazing and I haven’t felt better in years - mentally, physically and spiritually. So thank you for being my life line in a time of need."
  • Cols
    "I immediately felt welcome upon walking into the entrance. So tranquil. Wonderful class. Lovely yoga studio also. Very pretty."
  • Garth
    "Loved the warmth, Feels like family. Highly recommended!"
  • Catherine
    "By far the best massage I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot). Walking into House of Yoga you automatically feel calm and relaxed. I can not recommend them highly enough and go back every opportunity I get."
  • Andrea
    "What a magical little slice of heaven in Claremont. My massage with Karen was sheer bliss, highly recommended!"
  • Gabbi
    "Beautiful boutique, tranquil studio. The teachers are warm and friendly and the classes challenging but rewarding. Definitely a studio I'd recommend."
  • Wendy
    "Karen creates a wonderfully therapeutic environment which allows you to relax and take full advantage of her expert massage skills. I’ll be a regular client for sure. I highly recommend Karen at House of Yoga."
  • Francois
    "The teachers at House of Yoga are truly incredible. I can honestly say I’ve never had a class since I joined that felt like a repetition. All the teachers are so lovely and really make an effort to connect on a personal level. You should be really proud, you’ve got something very special at House of Yoga."
  • Sabine
    "Had such a great experience here, came for a holistic massage and reflexology. Was given a delicious tea to enjoy between treatments, in their sunny, light courtyard entryway. A beautiful, comfortable space."
  • AnnaLouise
    "What a restorative space House of Yoga is! I recently had a holistic massage with Karen. I would highly recommend - Karen is so welcoming, attentive to her clients comfort and skilled in what she does. The treatment included a herbal tea in the garden afterwards and it was quite frankly the perfect way to end the week!"
  • Liani
    "Had my very first Yoga class ever yesterday and it was life changing! Everyone made me feel comfortable, the experience was really wonderful and incredibly guiding and I felt so at ease with my body and proud of what it is capable of! I am hooked!"
  • Nathan
    "Yoga really helped me fix my frozen shoulder. Truly functional fitness that makes you feel fantastic."
  • Nikki
    "What an incredible experience. I left feeling so relaxed and calm. The instructor is so patient and aware of everyone, so you receive individual help whilst still being in a class of people. Can definitely recommend. Thank you for the wonderful session."
  • Kari
    "Last week I had one of the BEST holistic massages by Karen at House of Yoga in Claremont, Cape Town. A suburban sanctuary that’s tucked away in a quiet road, House of Yoga offers both yoga and massage and is a real hidden gem that I just have to share. Karen is an incredibly warm and welcoming person, making you feel at absolute ease as soon as you walk through the doors."
  • Michelle
    "I was welcomed by the lovely friendly Karen as I arrived. A serene and peaceful setting made me relax immediately. I was offered a variety of beautiful herbal teas and also different essential oils for the massage. Karen has a gentle yet firm touch. I have never actually felt relaxed during a sports massage usually I am holding my breath and wishing it is over. This massage however I did not want to end!!! I will definitely be back and am also joining the lovely yoga studio. What a wonderful combination of relaxation and rejuvenation. Thank you."
  • Julia
    "Karen is an excellent masseuse and I always feel SO much better after seeing her. The space is tranquil and easy to access and she serves a delicious herbal tea of your choice (her own blends) after every treatment. I've been seeing her since the beginning of my pregnancy and she adapts effortlessly to each phase, always being mindful of my comfort and pregnancy safety. Would go every week if I could : )."
  • AnnaLouise
    "Beautiful, tranquil, restorative yoga studio AND massage therapy room. I recently had a holistic massage with Karen. I would highly recommend - Karen is so welcoming, attentive to her clients comfort and skilled in what she does. The treatment included a herbal tea in the garden afterwards and it was quite frankly the perfect way to end the week! I'm looking forward to more time at this studio exploring all that they offer."
  • Claire
    "Another amazing massage with Karen. What a treat to find such a lovely, tranquil space in the middle of Claremont. I fell in love with the yoga studio first and now have a second reason to visit as often as possible. Leigh and Karen have created such a special and peaceful space that offers a break from life and its daily pressures. Thank you."
  • Catherine
    "Incredible studio! Peaceful setting, detailed instructions and adjustments given by the teachers. Leigh is fantastic! I highly recommend this space if you want to grow, heal and improve in your practice."
  • Cezanne
    "I've just been for a full body massage and it was so lovely, the attention to detail is amazing and I particularly loved how Karen personalized everything specifically for me, fr the oils she used to her custom herbal tea that was waiting for me in the tea garden when I was done. I would highly recommend House of Yoga to anyone looking to incorporate wellness and wellbeing into their lifestyle."
  • Lauren
    "I treated myself to the amazing holistic massage at this little neighborhood gem! The room is was warm and cosy with candles and relaxing music and I was given a choice of a few different essential oils. Karen made sure I left feeling like my muscles had been worked on whilst still ensuring it was relaxing. The ginger and lemon tea at the end was a lovely little treat. Well worth every cent!"
  • Jenna
    "The most welcoming, tranquil, beautiful yoga studio with teachers that make you feel at home, challenged and supported!"
  • Kirst
    "I had the most incredible 60 min holistic massage by Karen - and felt like I was walking on a cloud. So relaxing and destressing - exactly what the doctor ordered! I can’t wait to book in for a reflexology session, couldn’t recommend House of Yoga enough."
  • Mumtaj
    "From the moment you walk through the gate it's feels like you are transported to another universe, with a beautiful garden and water features #serenity . Karen is absolutely amazing and her attention to detail by giving you the option to choose your own choice of oil and tea post massage makes the whole experience so much more special. Her massage technique is absolute Bliss."
  • Megan
    "Had my first pregnancy yoga class yesterday and loved every minute! Leigh is fantastic - calming, intuitive, patient and guiding. I would highly recommend."
  • Jenni
    "What a beautiful studio! It feels like doing yoga in your own home only better. I come out of classes feeling like I am floating on a cloud of happy yoganess! I can also highly recommend going for a massage with Karen! Such a calm and relaxing environment as well as a great massage therapist!"
  • Ania
    "I had a great massage by Karen of House of Yoga on Friday. The ambience is peaceful, Karen is very welcoming, gives a professional massage. She is lovely, intuitive, does reflexology too. Clearly very well qualified. And to top it all I had a delicious cup of healthy tea aftwards ! Highly recommended!"
  • Nicola
    "The House of Yoga space is calming and inviting. It’s like a little sanctuary away from the stresses of our daily lives. Not only are there amazing yoga classes run by fantastic instructors, but you can book reflexology or massage with Karen who is brilliant. I’d definitely recommend both the yoga classes and massage to anyone needing some time out for themselves."
  • Victoria
    "Warm and welcoming yoga studio in a beautiful calming space. The classes bring in the perfect combination of mind, body and soul. Leigh is an amazing yoga teacher and I really treasure my time here. Karen's massage studio is also so restorative and I love the personalized care she gives in her treatments."
  • Gavin
    "Lovely yoga studio, with a great vibe."
  • Jenna
    "Just a note to say I absolutely loved the class last night. I've tried a few studios recently and this has by far been the most welcoming space and enjoyable class, so I'm grateful to have found you."
  • Gary
    "An amazing space where I always feel welcome and valued! Teachers that care and meet you where you are at with no pretense or agenda, other than making sure you feel at home."
  • Kristi
    "Just gorgeous! A place that truly believes in teaching yoga according to the needs of the student!"
  • Taryn
    "Superb massage in a magical little garden sanctuary. Complete with home-brewed herbal teas. Leigh and Karen have created a gem."
  • Lyn
    "Had a wonderful massage from Karen. Slept the best I’ve slept in months last night Beautiful and tranquil place. Get there as soon as you can..."
  • Karen
    "Absolutely beautiful tranquil setting. Karen is an amazing therapist with gentle hands and intuits what the body needs for total relaxation. I will definitely be back for another bliss session."
  • Karen
    "Such a beautiful studio with an amazing energy! The minute you walk in you feel a sense of calm. The teachers are brilliant and clearly passionate about yoga. They each bring their own style and expertise into every class and take the time to get to know their students. Classes are a good size - small enough for individual attention but big enough to create a nice vibe. I love my yoga classes at House of Yoga! My week just wouldn't be complete without them."
  • Nick
    "This is a rating specifically for the Sports Massage I received at House of Yoga. I was extremely impressed with the quality and care taken throughout my massage. Karen was really outstanding in the way she applied the perfect amount of pressure where needed, while simultaneously making sure that I was conformable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend the Sports Massage at House of Yoga to any sort of athlete and/or active individual. Thanks Karen."
  • Gemma
    "What an amazing yoga experience. Loved every minute of being there. Such a tranquil space. I felt so relaxed yet energized after my yoga session. Will definitely be back for more!"
  • Lara
    "Such a welcoming environment and beginner friendly, really enjoyed the class and will be back for more."
  • Nicky
    "I can highly recommend Karen as a holistic massage therapist and the reflexology was amazing too. Karen is very sweet and thoughtful. I love that you can choose your own massage oil which suits your needs and the amazing tea. She definitely goes the extra mile."
  • Léane
    "House of Yoga is a hidden suburban gem!!! The beautiful garden is the 1st little bit of magic that awaits, as soon as you walk in. I will definitely recommend for you to arrive a bit earlier, or stay a bit longer, to soak it in! I decided to treat myself with a yin yoga class, followed by a 1 hour massage. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!"
  • Michael
    "Amazing studio."